Management News.

Hi my name is Colin.


I've been fishing since the age of five!! Fly fishing since the age of Twelve! To start with I fished mainly rivers. But over the last Twenty years I've enjoyed my fly fishing on large and small trout waters. So becoming the new manager at Geddes Fishery is one of my dreams come true.


Weather   29/04/16


The weather this week has been up and down with all seasons in one day on Thursday, so fishing has been a bit hard.  


Some things to think over   19/04/16


Buzzers, buzzers, buzzers, with the odd lure thrown in for good luck??? Please don't forget the dry fly. When fish any fly depth is all important.

Even the dry fly, in the surface film, on top which breaking strain?? lots of questions. the dry fly should always have the leader degreased and the fly with a little gink always helps. The CDC being my favourite, when ginked give it a couple of small pulls to submerge it and watch it pop right back up, a lot of the time the trout will hammer it then. Try it and see. See my buzzer page, on fishing the thing.     


What's happening !!!!


Platforms Fly Loch        update 29/04/16


The walkway to the double has been replaced, more work being done on platforms over the weekend.


Fish Fly Loch   update 29/04/16


Some nice fish put into the loch this week, so lets hope we see them in the returns soon. Fish are holding a bit deeper than late with the weather the way it has been. 


Netting      update 29/04/16


So far So not getting any fish.


Coarse Loch    




 Any thoughts or suggestion on the fishery, please get in contact by email or pop in and see me.


Thank you all and I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.