Management News.

Hi my name is Colin.


I've been fishing since the age of five!! Fly fishing since the age of Twelve! To start with I fished mainly rivers. But over the last Twenty years I've enjoyed my fly fishing on large and small trout waters. So becoming the new manager at Geddes Fishery is one of my dreams come true.


Weather   18/05/16


The weather has no idea what it is doing so we just have to try to adapt to the changing condition hour by hour


Nairn Kayak Club


Please note that the Kayak club has started again and will be using the fly loch on Thursday nights, so the fly loch will be closed to fishing from 6pm on Thursdays .


 What's happening !!!!


Platforms Fly Loch        28/05/16


Wood has arrived at last this week so Jack will get it ready for construction for the platforms up on the top  far right hand side of the fly loch which will be happening from the 7th June.


Fish Fly Loch   28/05/16


 Fish are still coming to lures but a few starting to get caught on the dry.


Bait Loch


 Fisher People are finding fishing the bait loch hard at the moment. So some pointers to help. If your fishing close in about 1 to 2 rod length out set your depth for about 4 feet. If your fishing the middle of the loch drop you depth down to about between 6 to 9 feet.

Even try to use a smaller hook 12 to 14, and leader strength of about 4-5 pounds. I hope this helps. 


Coarse Loch  10/05/16


 We are doing a season ticket for the coarse loch, which is the same price as the fly loch £150 for the year.


 Any thoughts or suggestion on the fishery, please get in contact by email or pop in and see me.


Thank you all and I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.