Under New Management.

Hi my name is Colin.


I've been fishing since the age of five!! Fly fishing since the age of Twelve! To start with I fished mainly rivers. But over the last Twenty years I've enjoyed my fly fishing on large and small trout waters. So becoming the new manager at Geddes Fishery is one of my dreams come true.


What's happening !!!!


Platforms Fly Loch

First things  first, there is a lot of work to do to improve Geddes, I have started to remove the platforms that have become unusable. I will start to replace these as of next week. This process will take time, so Ladies and Gentelmen please have patience. 


Fish Fly Loch 

 I will be starting my stocking policy in the middle of March. With the introdution of 100 - 150 Rainbow Trout between 2lb to 3lbs. This will greatly boost the number of resident trout. I will also start a netting policy to remove the coarse fish. 



 As I mention above I will be netting all three lochs over the summer, so please bear with me if you are up fishing, I will try to do the netting midweek. Hopefully this will thin out the amount of coarse fish in the fly loch and bait loch. 


Coarse Loch

 Here again there is a lot of work to be carried out, So if there is any mad keen Coarse guys and girls out there any pointers would help. I will hopefully be clearing a lot of the brownies out when netting. I will be putting new platforms around the loch as well.


 Any thoughts or suggestion on the fishery, please get in contact by email or on the Geddes Forum.


Thank you all and I look forward to meeting you all in the near future.