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    Fishing Reports 2014



Saturday sweeps: £5 entry. between 9am-6pm most rainbows caught & returned

                                             winner takes all


Fishing this past few weeks has been getting harder as the water temperature has been steadily rising (20.8c yesterday). Little if any fish showing on the surface during the day, Early morning and late evening appear to be the best chance of picking up fish. Fish that are getting caught are in superb condition but be aware that it is taking time for the fish to recover so make sure they stay in the water at all times, and do not touch the fish with dry hands, these 2 simple rules will give the fish every chance to survive 



 Weather so far this month has not been the best but fish have still been taking the dry fly in the mornings and evenings with orange buzzers doing the business during the day.

7/6/14 sweep winner was Willy Jacobson earning himself  £35



With the weather getting warmer the fly life is becoming very abundant and as a result dry flys are starting to come into there own. Also working well now are small nymphs and dial backs.

The Saturday sweeps have been running for a few weeks now with Peter Briggs winning 3 out of the last 5 earning himself £75 for the most rainbows caught and returned. Myself and Ian Hendry won the other 2.

Another one of the big fish in the bait loch was hooked by a 10 year old but unfortunately was unable to land it so the 4 between 5lb-8lb are still in there.








The first few days of this month has been very good with two fish over five pounds being taken and released. Its that lime green buzzer again.

(First tag fish caught green tag wins £20)


The past month has seen a lot of action with the weather being so mild.

Plenty of fish in the six pound region.

Peter Briggs has had a couple of these, well done.

Flies that have been at the for most for taking these bigger fish has been the lime green buzzer between four feet and seven feet.




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