2018 Fishing Report



What a fantastic day at Geddes today with the Snowball Competition. A total of 89 Rainbows were caught between 13 fishermen. The winner was Peter Noble with 16 fish, Second place Neil Scowen with 14 Fish, third place Willie Jacobson with 12 and Paul Sharp with 12 also, was forth. Well done to everyone who took part. 





 Over the last couple of days there has been a lot of fish caught. On Sunday Rab Hay had 22 fish, well done Rab. Dean Geddes had 7 fish, Tom Patterson had 5 his pal J.G.Fraser had 15 (well done). Paul Thompson was up for a couple of hours on Sunday as well and he also had 15 fish, in that he had a double hook-up. Well done Paul.Today saw The father and son team MacDonald fishing, having 6 fish between them. From the 1st of this month we have had 117 fish caught. Places for Sundays Snowball Competition are filling up!! So contact me ASAP to get your place.




WE ARE ICE FREE  please keep checking




We have ICE on the loch with the temperature dropping to -8 up at Geddes during the night some of the fly loch and most of the bait loch are frozen PLEASE PHONE ahead before coming up. I have the pump on and will keep you all informed. Thank you. 





Since the start of November  we have had a total of 179 fish caught. Well done to everyone on this great total. Graham Matherson the latest fisherman into double figures with 10 fish on Saturday past. Graham had a nice fish at 3lb 4ozs. On Saturday 17th Peter Noble also had 10 fish. Blobs and buzzers doing well. Other flies doing well this month so far are Black Pennell, Cormorants and Damsels.  Sinking lines and Intermediates seem to be the lines to use at the moment. 





November has started well, In the past 9 days, 78 Rainbows have been caught. Top rod so far is Nathen Connell with 16 fish to various flies. Rab Hay has had 10. Everyone who has visited, has caught. Orange flies seem to be doing well, as do lime green again./11/18






From the 10th of October there has been another 213 rainbows caught. this makes a grand total of 279 Caught and still tomorrow to go. Double figure catches of the month go to the following: Thomas Grant 11, Nathen Connell 20, Derek Ritchie 10, Rab Hay 11, Colin Stewart 12 and Dave Trainer with 11. Dave Trainer had the biggest fish this month with one at 4LBs 2oz.(An average of 9.3 fish a day) Well done to everyone this month.
We have also had a lot of fishers catching in the 6-7 and 8 range. Flies doing well are Cruncher, Damsel, Lime green Mop Fly and buzzers. Some personnel best also this month, Bill Gutherie with 5, Thomas Grant with 11, Nathen Connell with 20, to name a few.






October continues to produce good catches. There has been a total of 87 fish caught in 10 days. An average of 5.8 trouts per fisherman. Top rod so far this month is Thomas Grant with 11 fish, well done Thomas. Other how have had good returns Colin Cameron with 8, Ray Stewart with 7. 





October is of to an excellent start, as was the end of September. September saw a total of 264 fish caught, an average of 8.8 fish a day. On the last day of September Rab Hay had a stunning day with 23 fish. Well done Rab.
On the 2nd of October saw the the MacDonald father and son team up Dad with 6 fish and son with 3. Today 3rd September David Bridges had 5, all to the buzzer. Colin Cameron had 8 fish on the spider and black pennel, his pal Ian McNeil with 4.




The last few weeks has seen a lot of fish caught. Since the 3rd of September, there has been 163 fish caught, top rod Will Jacobson with 24, followed closely by Dean Geddes with 18. Will had 1 at 6lbs 2ozs. Most fish coming to the buzzer. Lime green seems to be the colour of the moment. Also blobs working well under the indicator. Fish have been caught at all depths from 2 feet to 10 feet deep.




 With the lack of water in the lochs fishing is still proving hard for most. But saying that, Jamie managed 11 fish (see his post) The MacDonald father and son team had 7 between them, Dave "The Bomber" Lancaster had 6 fish over 2 visits Peter Briggs had 5 fish on Thursday. Cory Ross has also had a couple of fish this past week. Kennith Reid had a couple today. And Ray Stewart Managed to catch 3 fish on Wednesday. Flies that have worked best - Orange Blob, Olive Damsel, Black Buzzers, CDC's and still small black flies.




Match 4 of the summer league turned out to be a hard days fish for everyone who was there today. The sun as you all know has be excellent this week, making the fish sluggish. Willie Jacobson won today's match with 4 fish, Brian Scobie second with 2 fish and Jack Lawton third with just the one. 





George Murdoch had a great day at Geddes today with a total of 8 fish, 1 at 5LB 3ozs(also lost a few) Dave "The Bomber"Lancaster also had 8 fish and he also lost as many. Peter had 2 fish today. Best fly today Orange Wotsit.. 



A lot of fish caught over the weekend and Monday. On Saturday  Chris Enticnap with 4 fish ( Olive copperhead). Darren Awcrane with 2(orange blob) Jamie Aplin with 1(pink and orange buzzer). On Sunday Mark Third had 5 fish (black & green). Lewis Tyronney  2fish(Buzzer). Rab Hay had a great day with 10 (should have been more but he'd lost his hook.) Monday saw Ray stewart with 8 fish and iam Fraser with 2.




Match 3 of the Summer League was held to day. A total of 19 fish were caught by 8 fishers. Zak was todays winner, Davie Trainer had the biggest fish of 4 LBs. Brian Scobie had one at 3 LBs. 



A lot of fish caught over the weekend and Monday. On Saturday Chris Enticnap with 4 fish ( Olive copperhead). Darren Awcrane with 2(orange blob) Jamie Aplin with 1(pink and orange buzzer). On Sunday Mark Third had 5 fish (black & green). Lewis Tyronney 2fish(Buzzer). Rab Hay had a great day with 10 (should have been more but he'd lost his hook.) Monday saw Ray stewart with 8 fish and iam Fraser with 2.

A lot of fish caught over the weekend and Monday. On Saturday  Chris Enticnap with 4 fish ( Olive copperhead). Darren Awcrane with 2(orange blob) Jamie Aplin with 1(pink and orange buzzer). On Sunday Mark Third had 5 fish (black & green). Lewis Tyronney  2fish(Buzzer). Rab Hay had a great day with 10 (should have been more but he'd lost his hook.) Monday saw Ray stewart with 8 fish and iam Fraser with 2.



Saturday saw the Scottish Deaf F.F.C up fishing. 7 of them were fishing and caught a total of 12 fish. Rab Hay was also up and had 4 fish. Mark Third 2. Not much doing Sunday, Monday Paul todd with 4 fish on the lure.The bait loch has a few fish caught as well. Monday saw a fantastic day for Willie Jacobson with 15 fish. Well done Willie. Also on Monday Derek Ritchie and Brian Scobie both had fish on dry flies. (2&3) Paul MacDonald was up today and had 7 fish, Peter could only manage 1 as did John French. Various flies were used over most days.





Sunday, Monday and Tuesday saw fish caught on all days Thomas Grant had 1, Neil Scowen 6 and Barry 3. Monday saw Willie Jacobson with 6 and today saw David MacDonald with 3. eggs and blobs the flies catching the most fish. 




 Friday saw Ray Stewart with 2 fish, Sam Angus with 1, John French with 3 and Dave Lancaster with 4. Today Saw Dave Lancaster with another 6 fish( Orange blob, lime green and black buzzer) , Paul MacDonald with 2, Graham Matherson with 2 and Peter with 2.





Sunday saw Zak and Leanne fishing the fly loch, both having fish. Colin Duncan was up Monday, he had 3 nice rainbows on lime green. J.McKendarick had 2 fish. Today saw Johnson Switon with a fish, dave MacGregor with 4 fish. Derek Ritchie with 1. David MacDonald with 4 (orange blob) 





Yesterday saw two nice fish caught by Thomas Grant,1 at 5lbs 3oz and another at 3lbs 8oz. Thomas had a total of 5 fish. Paul Thomson had a fish as well. And Mr Cowie had 2 fish. Today saw John French with 3 nice rainbows. 



 A fantastic Saturday(6th) at Geddes with Gordie Nicoll having a total of sixteen fish. Zak Keil 8 fish, one at 3LBs 11ozs, Dave Lancaster on six fish. Brian Scobie on 1. Lime Green and Black buzzer catching most fish.

 Sundays second match of the Summer League went well with 33 fish caught. Zak Keil with a fish of 4LBs 2oz. And a total of 33 fish caught.

 Another good days fishing had. David MacDonald had 3, Derek had 1 at 4.10LBs. Nathan and his dad were up Nathan on 4 fish and dad on 1. John French had 3 fish in the morning.




More blues getting caught, Rob Buie having his first Geddes blue today. John French had one as well plus 2 nice rainbows. Yesterday Mark was getting fish to the buzzer on a slow fiuge of eight. 




A few more blues coming out, Dave Lancaster had 3 over the last 3 days and a couple of nice rainbows, Leanne had one as well zak top fisher this week with 7 Rainbows in one session.

The Trout Masters was won by Graham Matherson and the Geddes Open was won by John Brown. There were a total of 44 fish caught, mostly to smaller flies and buzzers. 




 Just to keep you all up to date, Derek Ritchie had 4 fish today and 1 was the first ??BLUE trout, just over the 2lb mark, all four fish returned. Briain Scobie had 2 Rainbows, Nathan Foy 1. Black Taddy fly of the day.





 Well the last 2 week have see some excellent returns, Rab Hay with 10, Willie Jacobson with 11 one at 4LBs, Nathan Connell 3 nice rainbows. Thomas Grant 5 fish over a couple of visits. David & Derek MacDonald have had there fair share on the orange blob. 

 Dave "The Bomber" Lanchaster after his winter break straight on to the fish with 3. sean Allan 3 nice fish on the orange blob, Ian Hendry, 4 good fighting rainbows to the cats Whisker.





Even with the start of the month being frozen we have had 145 fish caught, the biggest so far Rob Buies 6lb 1oz Rainbow. The past couple of days have seen some good fish caught. Derek Ritchie 4 fish, one at 5lb 1oz, R.G.Mark 2 fish Dave McGregor 6 fish, Johnson Swinton 1 fish, rob buie 10 fish, Mark Methuen 6 fish and Nathan Foy 1 fish.





David MacDonald was up today and had 3 fish for 9lbs the biggest at 3lb 8oz. Thomas Grant had 4 fish, his biggest 2lb 8oz.
David on the orange blob, Thomas on the cut throat leech.





The last 5 days has seen a much better fish return with 90% of fishers, returning 1 or more fish. Cats , olive and orange blobs doing the job. 





 Well what a funny past couple of day it has been!!!! Sunday saw Zak Keil with 8 nice rainbows and S.Dickie with 2 fish, one over the 4lb mark. Then Monday saw the fly loch 1/4 frozen again, and no one catching?? Today saw Kevin MacDonald with just the 1 fish on an olive buzzer on a slow sinking line.




A.Laurie, A.Marrs and J. Cook up from Falkirk, had a great day up at Geddes today despite the cold weather. A. Laurie had 8 Rainbows to the Damsel, A.Marrs had 7 Rainbows on the Cats and J.Cook had 3 to various lures. 





The Cats Whisker doing most of the damage since the ice has cleared. Stephen Archibald and Zak Keil having 19 fish between them. Zak had a fantastic day with 11 hard fighting rainbows.Paul Thomson had 5 fish on the buzzer. Dean Geddes had 3 fish on the Cats. Rob buie also had a fish on the Cats. David MacDonald had to fish today(Tuesday).





A lot of fish caught over the weekend and Monday with Nathan Connell and Dean Geddes both having 8 fish, David MacDonald (86 years young) had 4 fish and his son Derek 1,  R Morrison 2 fish and Wayne Willetts 1. With alot of fish lost.





Today saw Greg, Thomas and Ray, all had fish. White lure fished deep doing the trick.





Over the last 11 day we have had 12 fish over the 3lb mark, mostly to smaller flies. Bigger lure have been taking fish between 2 - 3lbs.




Rob Buie had a really good day  with 7 fish to a blue flash damsel, Nathan Connell had 5 fish on different flies, Derek Richie had 3 fish, Lewis also had 3 and Ally Hunter had 1 fish.




Paul Thomas had 6 fish today (Blue Buzzer), Brian Scobie 2 fish and Derek Ritche 1. Three of the fish caught today were over 3LBs 




Donald Patience was up to day and it was cracking with 2 fish over the 3lb mark. using the bubble gum worm.




Rob Buie had tied his own flies, he tried them out today and had 4 fish. Wayne willets had five fish mostly to a white wotsit.  




Today 3rd Feb saw 26 fish caught between 6 fishers, main fly for Rab hay with 11 was orange blob, and pink and white lure. Fraser was fishing the biscuit blob under the bung for his five fish,  Kevin McLaren had 5 fish to the "dennis the menace" fly (black and red). Aaron Wallace had 2 fish on lures. Thomas Grant had 2 fish using biscuit blob and Ian MacKinnon had a fish to the lure.




 Since the ice has gone a few fish getting caught, Derek Ritchie, brian Scobie, The MacDonald father and son team are but a few who have been catching.

Fish still being caught. Today 6th Brian Scobie had 2 fish and Rab Hay had 1, yesterday Jamie Sinclar had 3 fish.