"The Snowball"

What a fantastic day at Geddes today with the Snowball Competition. A total of 89 Rainbows were caught between 13 fishermen. The winner was Peter Noble with 16 fish, Second place Neil Scowen with 14 Fish, third place Willie Jacobson with 12 and Paul Sharp with 12 also, was forth. Well done to everyone who took part. 



The Snowball 2018



1. 10.00am cast off

 2. Move 3 platforms every thirty minutes (whistle will be blown) 

3. All hooks must be de-barbed or barbless.

4. Max of three flies per cast.

5. No doubles or treble hooks.

6. Fish must be netted and released to count.

7. 1230 Lunch (Stovies)

8. 1300 afternoon session starts

9. 1530 reel-in and prize giving.

The winner in the fisher to catch most fish.


First place £100

Second  place £50

Quickest  fish caught 

Free gifts.