Geddes C&R Fly Fishers Club

The ticket runs for a year from date of purchase


Cost will be £150.00 per season (Payable at time of joining).  you can join at any time.


 I.E…. if you join on the 3rd of August  2017 your ticket will run for a year from that date (except January) so your season ticket would finish on 2nd August 2018.


Rules :

  • Barbless hooks or De-barbed hooks only.
  • Try not to remove fish from water.
  • Knotless net supplied at fishery.


 If you would like to take fish you will have to purchase a discounted day ticket.


Advantages of Geddes C&R Fly Fishers Club


  • Discounted catch and kill tickets.
  • Discounted Flies and Tackle. 
  • 20% discount on entry fee to fly fishing competitions. 


All this for only £0.41 a day.


This is the new C&R ticket now on sale at the fishery