Fishing Reports

2017 Fishing Reports



Could you all please sign in the book on arrival and when finished fishing, enter your catches, thank you all in advance for this, as it helps with stocking.





 Nathen Connell was up on Saturday 25th but was unable to land any he connected with. The MacDonald team have had 9 fish on the 28th, Orange again. Mark and Rob were up on the 29th. Tuesday 21st Derek MacDonald had a fantastic fish of 5lb 2oz on the Orange Blob. They had 12 fish between them that day.



 We have had quite a few up fishing, so far this month, 63 fish caught to date, top rod up to today is joint between Frazer and Derek MacDonald. The MacDonald team of father and son have had 21 fish between them on there two visits. Ian Hendry had 6 fish, Nathan O'Connel had 4 fish and Tim had five fish. Ray Stewart had 3 fish, Stuart Picking had 2 fish. John French had 3 fish, Brian Scobie had 1 fish. Mark Methson, Graham Huare, and Ian Huare all had fish on the 1st November, Orange and yellow flies working. I myself have had a few fish when testing out new patterns. 



 On Tuesday 16th David and Derek MacDonald had five fish between them and David had a tag fish winning him £25, well done. Friday 19th saw J Tulloch and S Hoare with 4 fish between them on lures. Saturday 21st saw Nathan Foy with 4 fish and Sunday L Ross had 3 fish on the cormorant. Sean Allan had 3 fish on the Monday. The 24th saw the MacDonalds up again, with just David having 3 fish.Between Thursday 26th and the 31st saw a total of 22 fish caught, between Dave Lanchaster, Gordie Nicoll, Nathan O'Conell, Derek and David MacDonald, and Isiiaac.




Total amount of fish caught over the last two weeks has been excellent with a total of 112 rainbows, well done to every one. Best total has been Aron Wallace  with 11 in one day. The MacDonald father and son team of David and Derek have been catching their bag limit of 4 fish on each of there two visits, Ally hunter doing is bit to keep the good run of fish getting caught with 4 fish. J. Norman had a good total of five fish. g Smith had 5 fish on a Humungus. P Gardner 2 on a Deer Hair Minnow. d. McBean had 3 nice fish. 




On Thursday 22nd Gary Stewart had 6 fish on a white fritz, Friday saw Liam and Ryan Fraser  have 4 fish between them on skirmy worm. Saturday 24th saw 10 fish caught 3 to Gordie Nicoll and 7 to Dave Lancaster. the catch of the week went to Ally Hunter with a great total of 21 fish. Tuesday saw father and son team have 4 fish each. Dave McBean had 2 fish. Wednesday was a good day for Derek Ritchie with 7 fish on a black tadpole pattern. Brian Scobie had 2 fish. The Orange Fritz was working well for G Beane with 6 fish. Friday saw Dave Lancaster have 8 fish. Saturday saw Liam and Ryan up again catching on the orange blob.Dave Lancaster added 6 more to his total for the week.





Friday the 15th saw a few fish missed or coming short, on Saturday 16th saw R.Watson and C.Watson have 5 fish between them, Orange Fritz and buzzers, Sunday was a weather write off, Monday 18th saw G.Fraser catch 5 fish and on Tuesday 19th a total of 19 fish caught between 6 fishers. Father and son team the MacDonalds having 8 fish, O.McLennan 6 fish, J. Swinton 2 fish and  J.Patience 1 fish and S.Brill with 2 fish. Tuesday saw Rob Buie having 11 fish, well done, his to pals C.Wilson and M.Metuen having 1 fish each.




This week has been hard going again due to the weather and the water being a dirty colour. Last Monday 4th there were 12 fish caught between 5 fishers, on blobs, The MacDonald father and son team were on form agin with 4 fish each. Tuesday blobs were playing the main event agin with them accounting for 3 fish to Kevin. Wednesday saw Zak & Leanne with 1 fish each on pink blobs, hard fishing was Zaks comment. thursday, Friday and Saturday NOTHING??? Today Sunday saw just Kevin  & Rob catch fish, so fishing still hard.




Scott Hedden was up last Monday and had 4 fish and kept 2 using an Orange Fritz, the MacDonald father and son team were up Tuesday and had 8 fish, 4 each. Wednesday saw Mark have 1 fish, Brian Scobie with 3 hard fighting fish on a bibo and Zak Kiel had 2 fish to the egg fly. The rest of the week has been very hard fishing with only 4 fish being caught over the four days. The David Rodden had a Fish and again Brian Scobie was there catching.




A funny week with the weahter and everything. Last Monday 21st Peter Garder had a couple of fish on a nymph and on Tuesday the MacDonald father and son team had 5 fish between them. but un-till today nothing caught??? But to day saw Dave Trainer have 11 fish, well done Dave. Willie Jacbson had 2 fish and Rab Hay just the 1, as I said a strange week.




 August Competition Held on Sunday 13th was a great day with 72 fish caught by just 14 fly fishers. The winner was Dean Geddes with a total of 8 fish for 18lb 1oz, Just betting Brian Scobie with 9 fish for 18lbs, in third place Zak Keil and in forth place Dave Trainer, Buzzers seemed to do the trick for Dean.




On Wednesday 9th Dean Geddes had a great evening session with a good catch of 10 fish using the buzzer, Brian Scobie had 6 fish in the evening as well, well done to the both of you. Peter Gardner had a nice fish Tuesday 8th Green and Black Montana. Sunday the 6th saw Colin Duncan with 7 fish, Green Lure, C. Stewart with 2 fish, R.Weir with 9 fish, g Kine with 7 fish and Dave Trainer with 4 fish, all mostly on lures. Saturday 5th had S.McKee with 2 fish, Leanne Garrow with 2 fish to the damsel, Zak Keil with 5 fish, D. Shepherd with 4 fish and e.Shepherd with 1 fish. Thursday 3rd saw Ray Steward with 1 fish and Calum with 2 fish. Wednesday 2nd Rob Buie with 2 fish M.Methuen with 1 fish and Brian Scobie with 1 and Colin Rosie with 3 fish. At the start of the month we saw father and son team Derek and David MacDonald have a fish each.

A total of 72 fish caught in 9 days EXCELLENT. 




A very hard weeks fishing on the fly loch this week but as we all know finding the correct fly and of course the correct depth is critical. Tuesday saw Derek & David MacDonald both have ther 4 fish, S.Suitor Snr had 2 fish on an orange blob, but a hard day for everyone else fishing. Zak Keil had another great day fishing with 7 fish on a black and lime green lure, Lewis had 1 fish and the rest on Wednesday sadly blanked. For what ever reason the rest of the week was hard fishing like I said. Colin Duncan and Ezana Nebiat had a fish each on the Sunday.




Tuesday 18th saw Derek and his father David up and both had 4 fish each. James Howden and Albert Smith had a fish each. Rob Buie had 2 fish on Wednesday with Ian Hendry and Calum  Murdi having a fish each. Calum Murdi had another fish on Friday and Rob Buie had another 2 fish. Saturday was a good day for Zak Keil with 4 fish, Lewis and Liam Cowie had 3 fish between them. Colin Duncan had a fish as well. Today Sunday Gordie Nicoll had 3 fish on the dry fly,  Zak Keil had 2 fish and Brian Scobie had 2 fish. So all in all a good week with plenty of fish caught and of course lost.





The 13th saw  6 nice fish getting caught with Colin Duncan having 2 fish on yellow lure, on the 14th C. Stewart had 7 fish to a sedge, a bug and a damsel, J. Dickson also had 7 fish to the damsel and S. Dickson had the 1 fish also to the damsel. The 15th saw Arron Wallace have 2 fish. There are other names in the book but to hard to read.





 The fly loch has been fishing very well this past couple of week with a lot of fish coming up to the dry fly, early morning or later in the day. Small dark flies have been working on an intermediate line during the day. The bung fisherman has had a lot of fish using the mop fly about 8 feet down during the day.




Today Zak Keil had 14 fish to a small green and black lure, on a floating line, not to deep. Yesterday Gordie Nicoll had 10 fis to the GS, which is a home tied fly. he also had a couple to the lure, Dean Geddes had ten fish 6 on the lime green buzzer and 2 to a sun burst dancer. Paul MacDonald had seven fish. On Friday 30th Dave"The Dam Buster" Lancaster had a good day with 6 fish.





 So far this week  Neil Jhart  on his 3 visits (Monday, Wednesday and Thursday) has had a total of 8 fish and a good one of 6Lbs well done Neil. David and Derek MacDonald only managed 1 fish between them this week, Rab Hay had a good day on Wednesday with 6 fish. G and P Robertson had 2 fish each  on Thursday. Friday the 16th saw Dave " The Bomber "Lancaster with 6 fish and John with 3 fish, Cory Ross had a cracking Perch of 2LBs which is now up in the coarse loch. John was up again on Saturday and had 5 fish, Sunday saw Calum Findlay with 2 fish and Karne Millar with 1 fish.

The Sea-Forth Fly fishing Club Elgin were up today(18th) and by most accounts had a very good day. Mr Simpson, Mr Paterson, Mr Wilcox, Mr Ross, Mark B, Mr J Davidson, Mr Bremer, Mr McDonald all had a fish each. Mr Mulholland had three as did Mr  S Davidson, and the two question marks had 3 fish between them. Flies used Fritz, Dancers, hoppers and buzzers mainly, a total of 17 fish were caught. (Picture will be on web site and facebook on Wednesday) I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you all for coming, and hope to see you all again sometime, Thanks Colin.





On Monday 5th Ray Stewart had 3 nice fish, Hugh Ferguson and Ewan Ferguson had a fish each, on green damsel and cinnamon gold?   Tuesday wash out. Wednesday saw Euan and Hugh Ferguson up each having a fish each again on a cats and nymph. Mr C.Bisset had 2 on a green dawil bach. Thursday 8th saw father and son team David and Derek MacDonald have 4 fish between them. Rob Buie was up on Friday and had 4 fish to the dry fly. Saturday was a busy day with 14 fish getting caught. Kevin Adcook, James Christie, Paul Batstone, Kevin Mclarin And Dave "The Bomer" Lancaster all getting fish, mostly on buzzers. Today Sunday 11th saw another 17 fish caught between 5 fishermen,  Kevin Adcook, Neil Hart, Jamie and Steve Dickson. Orange Blob doing most damage. Graham Mathson had 3 fish on the damsel.





A very good end to may with a lot of fish getting caught on the 30th and 31st.  Cliff Damon had a nice fish, as did stew Damon. Rob Buie had 4 fish using a blob on an intermediate line. Mark Mathson had 1 on a black lure. On the 31st Ian Brewer had 2 fish on the egg fly. Ian Hendry had 3 on the dark destroyer.

On the 1st of June L.MacDonald  had 4 fish on dries, well done and E.Nicoll had 3 on buzzers. R.Stewart had 1 on the dry. On the 2nd of June P. MacLennan had 5 fish on buzzers.  On the 3rd S.Paterson had 2 nice fish. Sunday the 4th saw Steven Dickson with a fish as well as Jamie Dickerson.




 A good ten days had by all, with a lot of fish getting caught. Colin Duncan has been up a couple of time and has had fish. Rob Buie has been getting fish on the dry fly on an evening. Dave Lancaster has had his up and downs with 4 fish one day and the next struggling to get one but he did. his best for the past week 6 fish. Dave was using orange buzzers, dark destroyer and egg flies. Jamie had a few fish and for his 21st he tried out his new snowbee line but was unlucky to land any. Cory Ross had plenty of fish on his four visits mostly under the bung using lime green buzzers and orange mop flies.




 Colin Duncan had a very good day on the 12th with7 fish most on the okey dokey, Ian Hendry had 2 nice fish the same day. On the Friday J.Galloway had 5 fish Black Blob. Dave "the Bomber" Lancaster had a fantastic day with 18 fish, YES 18!!! His personal best, well done Dave.....Saturday was much the same with Colin Duncan having another 7 fish, and Dave "the Bomber"Lancaster having only 9, most on an orange egg. Monday saw S.Rochford have 3 fish on a damsel. Rob Buie had only the 1. Tuesday saw Dave Gregory have 6 fish(orange egg).  Wednesday Derek MacDonald had 2 fish, as did Rob Buie. Dean Geddes had a good evening with 7 fish. Dave Lancaster had 9 fish again on the 18th, Friday Gordie Nicoll had 3 fish and Dave only 1.





 On Monday fishing was hard due to the bright weather, G Boane had to fish on a fry imatation. Tuesday saw Dave "The Bomber"Lancaster had 4 fish to the orange egg, on the same day Ian Hendry had just the 1 fish.Thursday the 11th saw the MacDonalds with 7 fish between them, Dave "The Bomber"Lancaster having anothe 4 fish, lime green buzzer this time.Michael Grant had 2 nice fish. Blair Leathen had 2 fish on a hothead and Jamie Dickson had 3 fish.

 A lot of fish showing on top this week so far, after 4pm'ish, some even been taken on the dry.




 On Monday 1st A.Kerr & R.Kerr both had fish. On the Tuesday Leanne had a fish as did Lewis, but Zak blanked??. Wednesday saw Rob Buie catching on his hot head damsel again, ( I will tie some up as he was kind enough to leave one in a tree). Friday night saw Zak take four fish some on dry flies, Leanne and Lewis had another 1 each. Phil Munro had a fish as well. Saturday saw Rob Buie catching on dry fly but much later in the day. Sunday was a good day for Gordie Nicoll with 9 fish on black buzzers and Paul McDonald had 6 fish to the black buzzer as well. Later on Cory Ross also had a fish to the buzzer.





The last week of April has see excellent returns, Rob Buie 12 fish over his 4 visits, Dave Lancaster (STH) 8 fish over his 3 visits, Brian Scobie (STH) had 5 fish on his visit, Derek Ritchie (STH) had 2 fish. D .MacPherson had 4 fish one of about 4lbs, his son had 2 fish And Robbie 1 fish.

 (STH) - Season Ticket Holder



A very good week  a lot of fish getting caught, a lot between the 3 and 4 lbs,  Today saw D.Watson take 5 fish on his C&R ticket on buzzers. On Friday David and deek McDonald had 5 fish between them. Thursday saw Ryan and Angus Kerr take fis on the dry fly and Zonker. Tom Brady had 2 fish to the buzzer. The 19th saw Ian Hendry have 4 nice fish one just over the 4lb mark. K.MacDonald had 4 fish as well, to the olive buzzer. Tuesday the 18th R.Kerr had 2 fish to nymphs. Monday Ian Hendry had just the 1 fish, Colin Duncan also had 1 fish. On Sunday 16th Zak Neil had 2 fish on a green egg and missed a few. Dave Lancaster had 6 fish and also missed a few. Graham Matherson had 4 fish to a jelly blob. Nathan Conell had 2 fish to a GHD Nymph. On Saturday 15th Dave Lancaster and Arron Wallace had 3 fish each and Phil Munro had 4 fish on the okey dokey.



The past two weeks has seen a lot of good fish being caught, today (13th) Euan Martin had 19 fish and lost 3 big fish. Yesterday Rob Buie had 10 nice fish. Green and black flies doing most of the damage. Dereck MacDonald had a nice fish of 5lb 12oz on Monday (10th) out of his 3 fish he had, his father david had 2 nice fish. More details of the last two weeks tomorrow. On the 12th . & Betsy Harris had 5 fish between them. On the 9th Rab Hay had 6 nice fish. and the Ferguson family all had fish to the cats whisker. Over the 7th and 8th  a lot of fish were caught, D Mcleennan had 9 fish, Colin Stuart had 8 fish, Fraser Murdo 3 fish. Mark Finest 3 fish, Rob Buie 6 fish



Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th were very good days and a lot of fish caught and indeed lost. Arron Wallace had a nice fish, Brian Scobie had a fish to the mop fly(wotsit) Jamie Dickson had 8 fish to the damsel fly and his pal B. Leathum also had 8 fish. Gorge P had 2 fish and was snapped by a big fis on platform 1. Lee Collins was Unlucky missing a few fish. 
On the Tuesday 21st  Derek and his dad Dave had 3 fish each, Today Tuesday 22nd Dave Crawford had 2 fish and Sam McCulloch had five nice fish. J Dickson had 4 fish and Colin Stewart had 7 fish. Damsel fly doing well.


The 5lb11ozs rainbow was caught on Monday 13th by D.McLeand or J.Swinton (not to sure.) But well done. Also on Monday Willy Jacobson had 9 fish and Dave Trainer just the one. On Thursday and Friday we saw R.Stewart catching 5 fish and  J Dickson getting 3 fish.( Hot head damsel.) Saturday Arron Wallace was up but only managed 1 fish. Today (Sunday) Saw Dad and Son Team The Pattersons have a fish of 6lbs 5ozs to the dad and to the son a fish of 4lbs 1ozs Well done to you both(buzzer &nomad). John Lemann had 2 fish. Colin had 1 fish to a green bug.


On Monday 6th Ronnie Hodge had a fish and was snapped, so check your leaders and knots. D. Watson was up on Thursday and Saturday and had a cracking fish of 7lbs 9oz out of the 8 fish caught, he was using the yellow dancer and on Saturday he had 3 nice fish. Also on Saturday Arron Wallace had 5 fish for his day. Today (Sunday) Calum Findlay had 4 fish using the black buzzer and Montana, Marie had a fish using the dawson's olive.


On Friday Calum Findlay had a fish on the orange & yellow egg. Saturday was a wash out. But Sunday proved to be a good day, with Alex Elliott having 6 fish on the blood worm and dark buzzers, Jim Jardine had just the one fish but it was a nice one of 4LBs. Donald Mac( SNR & JNR) had fish using sweet dixie fly. Ally Hunter had an excellent fish of 7lbs to day(1st) and a total of 4 for his day using mini cats.  Derek Ritchie had 2 fish to the mini cats as well, Ian Hendy had 5 nice fish today using a black comarant. Willie Jacobson had a couple of fish as well, so did David Trainer.


 Black buzzer and white egg doing most of the damage this week so far, Calum on his 2 visits has had 3 fish on both visits and missed a few. Calum making good use of his 5 day C&R ticket. Gordie Nicoll having fish on the white egg fished about four feet down under the bung, Derek Ritchie having just the 1 fish today (24th) on the white egg.


Alex Elliot was up on Monday the 13th and had 4 nice fish  on the blood worm, On Wednesday Derek and his father up but only had the one fish, the same for Rob Buie with his one fish. On Thursday Derek Ritchie and Ally Hunter were up and had 5 fish between them using the cats whisker. Friday saw Darran Watson had a fish and Rob Buie had 1 too. Yellow egg and Dal Bach doing the damage. Zak Neil was up with Leanne and had a fish and missed a few. Rob Buie had another as well. Lewis Ross came up late but manged 3 nice fish on the Cats and Cormerant, and on Sunda Calum Findlay had a great afternoon with 3 fish on the black buzzer.

The weather keeping fishers away most of the week but the weekend did see fish getting caught. R Hodge was up on Friday and had two fish on the Dawsons Olive. Saturday was hard with no fish being caught. Sunday saw Jamie D. having a fish to an Olive and Blue lure. Jim Jardine had 2 fish using the Cormorant. Leanne Garrow had a nice fish, on the blood worm and Paul Kennedy had a fish as well. Well done to every one for braving the weather, and thanks.
 Very windy at the moment(Tue 7th) 


 A cracking fish of 8 lbs 3 ozs was caught to day(Thursday 2nd) by Derek Ritchie, who is a season ticket holder. Well Done Derek. Marius had a fish on Saturday (4th) the fly again the cats whisker. Today(Sunday 5th) Scott had 2 fish on the blood worm. a few fishermen up but the fishing has been hard with a few fish missed. 

 A difficult week this week with the weather changing everyday, but fish are still being caught. Ally Hunter had the 1 fish last Sunday (22nd) on the yellow dancer. On the 24th Dean Geddes had a fish on the cats whisker. On the snake lure Kevin MacDonald had a fish, that was on Thursday. Derek Ritche had a couple of fish on Saturday, on the Cats again. (This Cat is on a small size 12 hook in lime green and white fished on a floating line and longish leader.) L.Ross had 2 fish on a cormarant, and J Porter had his fish on a Fritz. Biggest comments Wet & Cold. 


 Sunday the 15th saw Derek Ritchie catching 3 nice fish, Jim Jarvie having a very good day with 2 nice fish. Jake Stephen having just the 1 fish. On Monday Tam Mchale had a good day but did not manage a fish, Aaron Wallace had 3 fish. On Wednesday and Thursday Rob Buie had a fish, Derek and David McDonald were up and Derek had 3 fish. Gordie Nicoll had 8 Fish on the white egg, and Davie Trainer had 3. Friday and Saturday had Gordie Nicoll and Rob Buie up again with Gordie having six fish over the 2 days to the white egg again and Rob also having 6 fish over the 2 days to the Wotsit, F.A.B and Snatcher. (Gordie reckons one fish was hitting the 6lb mark)

 On Saturday 14th Gerald Grant had 16 fish on the bung using eggs, blobs and the wotsit fly. John Deans had four fish using the same set up as Gerald. "G" had a couple of nice fish and missed a few, Rob Buie had just the one which fought well over its weight of 2lbs.
 The snow has had little worry for the fish with myself this morning having 3 fish with in half an hour, Using a lime green and long white tailed lure.
The water is dirty at the moment, but fish will take darker patterns when its like this. If we do get a little snow then I would try large white lures or buzzers under the indicator with large white tails.
Kevin O'Kane and his Dad were up today (Sunday 8th)trying out the dads new fly rod and both had fish and lost one or two. 

 Brian and his brother in-law were up today (Saturday 7th) and both had fish under the indicator, flies were in the orange and olive colours
John & Gerald were up to day (4th) and had 20 fish between them John having 11 and Gerald 9. They were mainly using the indicator with flies sitting between 3 and 9 feet, flies used were orange egg, lime green buzzers and various other eggs and buzzers.